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CAS No.: 61815-08-5
EU No.: 290-823-3
C. I. No.: 21101

Foreign relative brand:
Basoflex Yellow 1452(BASF)
Flexonyl Yellow A-DGR(HOE)
Flexonyl Yellow DGR-LA(HOE)
Flexonyl ...
Fast Blue B(Pigment Blue 15)
CAS No.: 147-14-8
EU No.: 205-685-1
C. I. No.: 74160
Formula: C32H16CuN8
Molecular weight: 576.07

Foreign relative brand:
Blue PEM-500(DKC) ...
Fast Red F4R (Pigment Red 8)
Company Code No.: UN8105
CAS No.: 6410-30-6
EU No.: 229-100-4
C. I. No.: 12335
Formula: C24H17CL N4O4
Molecular Weight: 460.87

Foreign ...
Fast Red 2R (Pigment Red 21)
Company Code No.: UN8109; UN8110
CAS No.: 6410-26-0
EU No.: 229-096-4
C. I. No.: : 12300
Formula: C23H16Cl N3O2
Molecular Weight: 401.84
Luminescent Powder pigment

The rare earth-activated alkali earth aluminate-silicate photoluminescent pigment, is compounded by high-temperature solid phase reaction, is a novel, ...
CAS No.: 6985-92-8
EU No.: 230-249-2
C. I. No.: 12513
Formula: C26H19N5O5
Molecular weight: 481.46

Foreign relative brand:
Noboperm Red HFT (HOE)
Permanent Red HFT (HOE) ...
Pigment Yellow FRN (Pigment Yellow 170)
CAS No.:31775-16-3
EU No.: 250-797-6

Foreign relative brand:
Diacetanil Yellow Opaque 701DN(CFB)
Fitness Yellow ...
CAS No.: 23792-68-9
EU No.: 276-057-2
C. I. No.: : 21094

Pigment Yellow 138(CPMA)
Permanent Bordeaux F2R (Pigment Red 12)
CAS No.: 6410-32-8
EU No.: 229-102-5
C. I. No.: : 12385
Formula: C25H20N4O4
Molecular weight: 440.45

Foreign relative brand: ...
CAS No.: 5280-68-2
EU No.: 226-103-2
C. I. No.: 12485
Formula: C33H27ClN4O6
Molecular weight: 611.04

Foreign relative brand:

Aquarine Red 3B(TTC)
Eljon carmine ...
Pigment Presscake
Presscake of Pigment Yellow 12

CAS: 6358-85-6
Molecular formula: C32H26Cl2N6O4
Molecular weight: 629.49
The product is widely used as yellow ...
Pigment -- Pigment Orange 5 / Fast Orange RN
CAS No.: 3468-63-1 EU No.: 222-429-4 C. I. No.: 12075 Molecular weight: 338. 27

Following are the technical data sheet:
Shade: ...
CAS No.: 68610-86-6
EU No.: 271-878-2
C. I. No.: 21102

Foreign relative brand:
Permanent Yellow GRL(FH)
Permanent Yellow GRL 02(HOE)
Permanent Yellow P-GRL 04(HOE)
Renolt ...
Fast Blue Toner RM(Pigment Blue 14)
CAS No.: 1325-88-8
C.I.No.: 42600:1

Foreign relative brand:
Halopont Blue RNM(DUP)
Helomerco Blue MGW (ACY)
Nycoliqud Blue 2RBF(NYC) ...
Pigment ---- pigment Yellow 12

Benzidine Yellow G (Pigment Yellow 12)
CAS No.:6358-85-6
EU No.: 228-787-8
Molecular weight: 629.49
Toluidine Maroon (Pigment Red 13)
Company Code No.: UN8108
CAS No.: 6535-47-3
C. I. No.: : 12395
Formula: C25H20N4O4
Molecular Weight: 440.45

Foreign relative brand: ...
Metal-Complex solvent dyes:

Chrome-&Cobalt-Complex solvent dyes with excellent solubility and miscibility in wide range of organic solvents, as well as various sort of synthetic ...
Pigment Yellow WSR (Pigment Yellow 62)
CAS No.:12286-66-7
EU No.: 235-558-4
Molecular weight: 439.46

Foreign relative brand:
Dalamar ...
Fast Yellow 2G (Pigment Yellow 17)
CAS No.: 4531-49-1
EU No.: 224-867-1
C. I. No.: 21105
Formula: C34H30Cl2N6O6
Molecular weight: 689.54

Foreign relative brand:
Alkyd ...
Hangzhou Union Pigment Corporation is specialized in pigment business. We supply various kinds of pigments which is well used in the industries of paint, printing ink, plastic, ...
Pigment --- Pigment Yellow 1 ---- Fast Yellow G
CAS No.: 2512-29-01 EU No.: 219-730-8 C. I. No.: : 11680
Formula: C17H16N4O4 Molecular weight: 340. 33

Following are the ...
Hangzhou Union Pigment Corporation is specialized in pigment business.We supply various kinds of pigments which is well used in the industries of paint, printing ink, plastic, ...
CAS No.: 6535-46-2
EU No.: 229-440-3
C. I. No.: 12370
Formula: C24H16Cl3N3O2
Molecular Weight: 485.76

Foreign relative brand:
AQ 43 Organic Red(RAL)
Aquaflex Scarlet ...
CAS No.: 5280-78-4
EU No.: 226-106-9
C. I. No.: 20735
Formula: C40H23Cl5N6O4
Molecular weight: 828.94

Foreign relative brand:
Pigment Red BRN
Filofin Red BR
Foscolor Red ...
Fast Green G(Pigment Green 7)
CAS No.: 1328-53-6
EU No.: 215-524-7
C.I.No.: 74260
Molecular weight: 1029-1127

Foreign relative brand:
Alkyd Flush(A64-1322)(SNCG)
Colanyl ...
Pigment-Pigment orange 36
CAS No.: 12236-62-3
EU No.: 235-462-4
C. I. No.: 11780
Formula: C17H13ClN6O5
Molecular weight: 416. 81

Foreign relative brand:
Kenalaye ...
Pigment --- Pigment Yellow 191 --- Pigment Brilliant Yellow HGR

Chemical Name: Fast Yellow HGR

CAS No.: 129423-54-7

EU No.: 403-530-4

C. I. NO.: 18795

Chemical ...
Pigment Red 57:1

Rubine L4BD (Pigment Red 57:1)
CAS No.: 5281-04-9
EU No.: 226-109-5
C.I.No.: 15850:1
Formula: C18H12N2O6SCa
Molecular Weight: 424.46

Foreign relative ...

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